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Providing Restorative and Mediation Services for
Individuals, Families and Children

Michaela Stay - Director

I am a social work Consultant, Mediator and Advocate with over 25 years experience of working with children and families.

I have worked as a Trainer for the Family Rights Group and currently run a successful business in providing Family meetings, Mediation and Restorative meetings for local authorities and schools in Berkshire.

My team is committed towards supporting individuals, families and children - especially in times of crisis and need.


We offer a range of services designed to support children, parents and individuals who are experiencing challenges and difficulties in their lives. This means we can work with the following groups:

  • Directly with families and individuals - Parenting support and Advocacy
  • Local authorities and government organisations
  • Legal firms specialising in parental separation and divorce
  • Schools and education sector organisations offering training, parenting groups and restorative meetings


  • Parenting Support - New Parents, Managing behaviour & Understanding Teenagers
  • Advocacy - for families involved with local authority agencies & for Children in Care
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Mediation & conflict management
  • Parental separation & Child contact arrangements
  • Family, workplace and community disputes
  • Anxiety management
  • Restorative meetings in families & schools
  • Training in Family Group Conferences, Restorative practice & Parenting Skills groups

Case study

"I thought our family as I knew was long gone, damaged beyond repair. However, after working with Michaela our family has reached a harmonious place I never thought was possible. I truly believe without Michaela this just would not have happened. Michaela has a very unique understanding of individual needs and a knack for achieving the seemingly impossible."

March 2019

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